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New Name : Eco-Lux By Velika

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Features and Benefits


Environmentally Conscious

We use environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable materials of the highest quality in the Velika mattress and duvet.

Natural Talalay Latex
Natural Cotton
Natural New Zealand Wool
Natural Rayon Plant Fibers

These products will leave no carbon footprint on the planet Earth.



Comfort, Support, Luxury

The perfect harmony of comfort and support is the essence of quality sleep.
The great bed by Velika is designed to give you that perfect harmony.
Our two-sided mattress offers long-lasting comfort and support using hand tufting craftsmanship.

Duvet Top: Our duvet top provides a relaxed changeable sleeping surface made from sustainable materials of wool cotton and natural latex for a cool, breathable sleeping surface.
Choose your comfort, one side is firm, and the other is plush.



Attention Women and Side Sleepers

Designed with the side sleepers in mind, Velika is comfortable and forgiving for a woman, supportive and restorative for a man.

Women reported trouble sleeping twice as often as men and are more apt to have painful disorders that disrupt sleep.
Most sleep studies focused only on men, however beginning in the mid-90’s studies began to include women.



Sleep Studies

The side-sleeper dilemma. Studies found that the majority of side sleepers are women.

Multiply your weight by 2.3 that is how much weight is on your shoulder joint.
So an average American woman weighing 135 pounds is exerting 315 pounds per square inch on her shoulder.
This type of pressure results in excessive tossing and turning.

The Great Bed by Velika expressly designed for side sleepers equals a perfectly balanced sleep.








Made with Sustainable and Recyclable Materials


Organic Wool
Our pure New Zealand ORGANIC WOOL is intuitively blended with a hint of White Jasmine flora for softness.
ORGANIC WOOL delivers total-body comfort with unrivaled breathability, humidity control, and moisture wicking, assisting your body’s natural temperature-regulation process.



Breathable Cotton
Cotton is cool and acts as a natural thermal barrier.
Cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat.



Eco-Friendly Talalay Latex
Talalay Latex, a sustainable extract from the rubber tree, is nature’s perfect material for making comfortable long lasting mattresses.
Latex is also antimicrobial and dust-mite free.








  • The Laska Mattress
    Laska is a one-sided no-flip mattress, covered in a wool blended fabric that is temperature controlling and breathable. Beneath the cover is a layer of New Zealand wool that repels moisture and a layer of natural Talalay latex for soothing comfort. At the core is our LifeEdge wrapped coil system that is fully sustainable and recyclable providing greater edge support around the entire mattress for the ultimate sleep comfort and quality.


  • The Laska Duvet
    Atop the Laska mattress is thick Duvet cover styled after the most popular European sleep systems. The Duvet is made up of cotton, wool, and Talalay latex which provides a cool comfortable experience and enhances the life-span of your mattress.


  • European Style Duvet
  • No Flip Mattress



Comfort Ultra Plush, Medium Firm
Comfort Level
Duvet – Top of Mattress
  • European Style Duvet
Comfort – Padding Layers
  • Wool Layer
  • Talalay Latex
  • Cotton Layer
Correct Back Support System
  • The Life Edge® Coil Unit
Box Spring – Foundation
  • Standard
Mattress Height
  • -” (Appr :-Cm)
  • 15 Year Warranty (Duvet 5)
Made In
  • USA

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