Frequently Asked Questions

With the wide range of mattresses that we carry, the best mattress for you is one that accommodates to your individual and specific requirements. In order to find the best mattress for your comfort needs,Selecting your desired size and how much you are looking to spend will help narrow down the results to mattresses that best suit your needs. Additional questions to help your search include what position do you fall asleep in, do you sleep too hot or too cold, and what are you pain points?

Yes, you can. Please use our store locator featured on the website to find a local store near you. We recommend calling the store first to verify if the store carries the product you are interested in. If a product on the website indicates ‘Web Only', that product will NOT be available to view at a store.You can check availability of a specific item by size on the products detail page.

Our motto is Replace Every 8 Years, but there are several other factors to take into consideration when deciding if you need a new mattress. Below are some signs that your mattress has lost its support.

  • You wake up tired or achy
  • You tend to sleep better at other places than at home (such as a hotel)
  • Your mattress shows visible signs of wear (it's saggy or lumpy)
  • Rotating your mattress no longer provides the desired comfort change
  • Your mattress is 5-8 years old (this depends on the type of mattress you have along with the factors listed above)

Memory foam mattresses are generally recommended because they are more durable and supportive than spring mattresses which can break down quicker. If you have special preferences, please give us a call at (1+267) 551.0001.

A split mattress will give couples the option to choose different comfort levels for each side of the bed. Choose 2 Twin XL, 2 Queen or 2 California King mattresses, make sure they are the same height and place them on top of a split King-size box spring or foundation.

If you are a stomach sleeper, we recommend a supportive mattress to keep the back from arching and support the midsection.

If you are a side sleeper, we recommend a pillow top that has an added layer of soft padding stitched to the mattress's top. Besides supplying an extra layer of sumptuous, cloud-like luxury, the pillow top mattress is also effective for soothing side sleepers' hip and shoulder pressure points. Check out our wide variety of pillow top mattresses here.

If you have a bad back, we recommend a firm mattress with good support for the lower spine. A firm bed provides enough comfort for most sleepers without sacrificing support and proper alignment. Check out our wide variety of firm mattresses here.

The main difference between a Pillow Top mattress and Euro Top mattress is the construction of the mattress. A Pillow Top mattress has an additional layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress, while a Euro Top has padding that is sewn into the mattress.

Older mattresses required flipping in order to prevent sagging, however with newer models we recommend that you rotate the mattress every 6 months to help avoid sagging.

A boxspring is a support for your mattress and is typically constructed from a wooden frame, covered in cloth with springs in the middle. It is usually built the same size as the mattress it will support and that’s why you often are able to buy a mattress and box spring as a set when you buy a new mattress.

No, a box spring is not required for all mattresses. However, we do recommend purchasing a new box spring and bed frame to ensure your mattress has the proper support and to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

A Regular Profile Box Spring is approximately 9” high. A Low Profile Box Spring is approximately 5” high. Both have the same support, the only difference is whether you prefer your bed higher off the ground.

Our Comfort Scale ranges from Extra Firm to Extra Plush. The Extra Firm has the hardest feel. The softest is equivalent to Extra Plush. Medium-Firm mattresses fall in the middle.

The main difference between firm, plush and pillow-top is the comfort level.

  • A Firm mattress would be considered harder compared to the surfaces of other mattresses. If you like a harder feel rather than soft, firm may be your preferred choice.
  • A Plush mattress provides a softer surface comfort; this is the happy medium between firm and pillow top.
  • A Pillow Top mattress provides a combination of comfort and firmness, cradling and supporting your every move with pillow-like softness while you sleep.

In USA, Yes, our White Glove and Red Carpet shipping options include set up on select items.

In the case of overseas, all installations will be carried out by the contracted delivery company.

Please mail us immediately for assistance at

You can return it or exchange it within 7 days from the date of purchase. (Round-trip shipping charges will be charged)
Please contact your email or showroom to start this course.

The mattress delivery takes about 40-50 days for shipping and 30 days for air delivery. It takes approximately 14-20 days to build because you don't send pre-prepared mattresses but only newly created mattresses after ordering.

We will send you an email separately when the product departs.We will inform you of the approximate arrival date in the email, and when the product arrives and you enter the customs process, you will call and arrange the delivery date.

Even if the price of the mattress including the product price and shipping cost exceeds 1,000 dollars, there will be no tariff.Customs duties are not generated through customs clearance through certificate of origin.

We have a very rare chance of product failure due to two inspections and repackaging.However, if you receive the product and find any contamination or defects that we have not checked, please send an e-mail to our customer center ( along with a photo to take care of it immediately.The exchange or refund of the product is done immediately.

Currently, the price of each product is discounted by 20-30% compared to other companies.Also, we offer additional discounts during the event period, so if you enter the coupon provided in the main page of the website in advance, you can get additional discounts. Also, coupons can be entered automatically, so you can check the discounted price if you go to the final payment.

You can change the shipping delivery to air or to sea.However, since the product is available before it departs from the United States, you need to let us know within a week after the order.Additional or refund costs will be notified via email after delivery changes are made.

Our responsibility for sales will be terminated when the mattress has finally arrived to where you want it, and the normal product has been shipped.

If you have not received the final shipment due to any problems such as product or delivery, we guarantee a full refund, so you can order with confidence.